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Published in the summer of 2020 – that year of the coronavirus disruption – Immortality tells of even worse.

Chester, a successful investigative reporter, is in fear of his life. He takes refuge in New Zealand, twelve thousand miles from Kate, the woman he cannot forget. His quiet life is interrupted when a stranger knocks on his door and takes him to the world’s best kept secret – Hell. He is certain this can’t be true and looks for answers to why he is being subjected to endless mysterious occurrences.  These life changing answers are a long time coming and all the time he yearns for Kate – will she still want him? Powerful, moving and thought provoking.

“… packed such a punch… you’ll love watching Chester’s world slowly unravel.” Amazon Customer

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain


First book to be published and it still sells more than any of the others

Hide in Time is a time-travel romance with a dash of mystery and adventure.

On your death bed, they say it’s not the things you’ve done that you regret most, but the things you’ve left undone.

Laura longs to put something right but finds herself in the 21st century and unable to do so.  Or can she?

She risks her life to restore happiness to the man she has so badly misjudged and in doing so she frees herself from the destructive regret lingering in her life. And throughout, love patiently waits for her.

Hide in Time became an Amazon Best Seller in its genre – Time Travel Romance


Book One of The Dark Moon Trilogy started as a stand alone story but because of requests for more, it now has two more books telling of the further adventures of Daniel, Lucy and Karl.


Under a Dark Star was winner in the Best Historical Fiction category in the Bards and Sages 2018 eFestival of Words.

In 1823, on an island off the south coast of England, there are activities worse than smuggling and all the conflict points to one cruel and ruthless man. The women on the island call him the Dark Star.

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen enlists the help of his old enemy, reformed smuggler Daniel Tynton who infiltrates the gang to defeat the evil that brings poverty to ‘the diamond isle’. Karl, entranced by a mysterious French woman, rescues her from the captivity of the Dark Star. The Dark Star takes his revenge.

As I haven’t yet entered any competitions, I was amazed to find that Under a Dark Star was the Winner in Bards and Sages eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards – Best Historical Fiction 2018


The race against time as the reader is hit by the awful event, is fast paced, filled with tension and heart-in-throat moments. 

Journey into one dark, wounded heart.  By 1825 Lucy has escaped from poverty and found true love married to a good man. Knowing Lieutenant Karl Thorsen still feels a hopeless passion for her, Lucy tries to help him find happiness with Elizabeth, a feisty young American. Then a charming, talented and mysterious artist comes into their lives. Intrigued, Lucy does not see the signs of impending tragedy stealing towards them. She ignores all warnings and pays a high price for her folly. When she disappears, the clues suggest one man but surely he cannot be guilty? Something is not quite right. A piece of the jigsaw is missing.

The series gets better and better.  Amazon Customer UK



The cat asked for her picture to be bigger as she is last and gets overlooked.

Many of us are so busy that we hardly get time to think let alone read a book. One Stolen Kiss comes to the rescue. The last little story, One Stolen Kiss, is an introduction to One Dark Night. In One Dark Night, Lucy has nothing to look forward to except the memory of a stolen kiss which she takes to bed with her, something she shares with nobody else but you.

More books are on the cooker, stewing slowly.